Who are We
            Tiffany Washington-Co-Owner/Group Class Leader


I've always had a passion for fitness and played every sport my parents would let me play.  My weight was never a real issue for me until...I had a baby. A couple of years after our son was born and the weight just wasn't magically disappearing I realized that I had to not only take care of our precious joy, but also really take care of myself for our son. It required making time to be active, and make good food choices.  I hired a trainer and dropped 85+ lbs!! Shortly after, we opened SilverBack Fitness.  I started teaching Group Classes and found it to be incredibly rewarding. I love sharing my story with other mom's and individuals who have struggled with weight.  Come by and take a class. You'll be happy you did and you'll feel great afterwards!

Julius Washington- Owner/Head Trainer

I am a National Strength and Conditioning Certified Personal Training and a Professional Fitness Institute's Personal Trainer.  I got into bodybuilding/Health & Fitness in 2000. I attended the Professional Fitness Trainer Program at Allied Health Careers in 2009 and immediately after graduating the program I started SilverBack Fitness LLC. I truly believe that helping people transform their health which leads to an improved lifestyle is my "Calling".  I will continue to help as many people as I can to become more functional and active in their daily lives while offering high quality fitness service at competitive prices.